KINBA 2018
About KINBA 2018
Kitchen cooks Money

Kitchen & Bath industrial markets in Korea have constantly grown more than 15% every year. The kitchen industry exceeds over $ 20 billion, and bath industry exceeds over $ 5.2 billion in 2015. By 2020, it will develop up to $ 30 billion and $ 8 billion respectively.

The interest of the kitchen has dramatically increased in recent because of many “Cooking Shows” which made huge waves in Korea. Furthermore, the ‘Smart’kitchen appliances and high-quality designed kitchen utensils are having rapidly expanded these days.

Due to the increase of single families, the competition of small kitchen appliances is heating up. To meet the demand of high-quality products, Premium kitchen appliances and utensils are also being launched into the market. In addition, kitchen & bath remodeling market has gradually expanded due to living trend change.

Take it All

Not only KINBA 2018 is with business meeting & consultation by having VIP buyers and industrial experts, but also induces over 50 thousand visitors & housewives who will be target consumers in the end. KINBA 2018 is perfect trade show for both to check market taste of your product and to have a professional meetings with wholesalers. Kill two birds with one stone at KINBA 2018.